Firework shop in Tbilisi / Georgia

Firework box #299MIX

  • Price: 1600 GEL

Firework box #NS142

  • Price: 700 GEL

Firework box #198MIX

  • Price: 1000 GEL

Firework Funicular MIX

  • Price: 1000 GEL

Firework box #12100MR

  • Price: 580 GEL

Firework Box MC132

  • Price: 3000 GEL

Firework box #1249

  • Price: 240 GEL

Fireworks and fireworks online store - delivery throughout Georgia

In the fireworks shop you can buy fireworks cheaply. You can order cheap fireworks from the online store with delivery throughout Georgia. Fireworks are sent from the store to your city by courier or local delivery service. Fireworks and fireworks can be purchased online 24 hours a day. We accept orders on the site of fireworks and pyrotechnics. You can also download the fireworks price list and send your order by email. You can profitably buy fireworks with delivery throughout Georgia. You can also pick up the goods yourself. The address of the Showtime store near you is on the map in the Contacts section.


How to Set Off Fireworks and Fireworks: Safety Instructions

- Fireworks must be launched by a sober adult. Children or highly intoxicated "pyrotechnicians" are not allowed to set off fireworks. Read the instructions on the package before starting.
- Before launch, fireworks must be mounted horizontally and secured. It is not enough to just place it in the snow or on the road. It should be stationary, especially for small fireworks. Otherwise, the firework may overturn on the first volley. Don't let him start shooting into crowds, houses, cars.
- nothing and no one should be in the radius of the danger zone, especially , people. Even if the firework turns over and starts shooting to the side, no one will be hurt. Measure more than 30 meters from the launch site.
- Light a battery of fireworks from an outstretched arm. Do not lean on fireworks.
- Fireworks may not work or may work partially. Do not try to approach him after 15 minutes early.